Patience Miller:  When I walk out of a session with Dr. Noble my posture is better; I feel taller, lighter and less compressed.  My body feels that something is working.  Since beginning care with Dr. Noble I have less aches and pains and I feel more centered in myself on all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally.  That’s wellness for me.  I was looking for several years for a practitioner who chold give me this feeling of wellbeing.  A healer I worked with for many years you to give me similar work, however he passed on and since then I’ve been searching.  No one until Dr. Noble has lived up to my expectations.  I’m a huge beliver in his work and I absolutely recommend it to others.

Alexis Genung:  I was visiting in Santa Barbara and came to see Dr. Noble hoping for some much needed pain relief, but I got so much more.  Dr. Noble listened to me and heard what I was saying about my body.  I immediately felt more calm and relaxed in his presence and was impressed with how “there” he was.  During the adjustments, which were very gentle at my request, I could perceive his intention to help me and my own body align itself.  As he had me breathe in a certain way, I realized my body was somewhat oxygen starved.  I felt much better after the treatment and continued to feel better in days following.  In addition, I still find myself naturally using the breathing methods when I feel pain or tenseness, so somehow I acquired this skill in the course of the treatment without consciously trying to “learn” it.  Dr. Noble is a natural healer who combines science and training with a sincere intention to help you get the outcome of a much-improved body.  Thank you Dr. Noble!